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How to select a SEO Web Designer Durban?

Selecting a good SEO Web Designer Durban calls for the decision maker’s sound understanding of search engine optimization, so that he or she can carve out the criteria to base the decision on the best SEO Web Designer Durban.

As consumers, we have either forgotten or are unaware of all the safety checks and product testing that is involved in many of the products we purchase or use on a daily basis. Consider this, would you buy a car that has not been safety checked, or would you travel on an air plane that failed basic testing but still flew? Why should your web site be any different?

The back-end architecture and testing is more important than the speed in which your SEO Web Designer Durban is completed. Rapid development of web sites was originally conceived both because of client pressure and of course in an effort to get as many clients as possible into a web design company's portfolio. When done correctly, rapid development is a great thing, but the product should not suffer for lack of care or at the expense of shortcuts.

If your SEO Web Designer Durban takes the time to consider all the above areas of your site and insists that they be corrected prior to any submissions are started, they are definitely the company you want to work with. If however they look at your web site, give you their well practiced speech regarding the importance of Meta Keywords and suggest running a report to find out what the number one listings are doing, you may want to continue your search for a SEO Web Designer Durban.

On the surface they all look the same, so you will search for the best looking package and go with that. What a shame, because across the internet lies, a superior product, offered by a new retailer that has improved the product after years of research and improved materials.

Required skills of a SEO Web Designer Durban:

A SEO Web Designer Durban needs to be well versed with the tools and techniques of optimizing websites but at the same time it also needs to have a knowhow of other website promotion tools and techniques, whether or not it handles them as a SEO Web Designer Durban. If the SEO Web Designer Durban also offers other website promotion services, it adds feathers to its hat and proves to be profitable for them.

SEO Web Designer Durban versus other techniques:

All website promotion techniques cover a certain area of website promotion. While a SEO Web Designer Durban focuses on organic or unpaid search results, SEM or Search Engine Marketing targets paid listings. Yet other tools used for the purpose are web content development and search engine submissions.

There are some providers offering many of these solutions under one roof. If a SEO Web Designer Durban offers other tools also, apart from SEO, it is often referred to as an “Internet Marketing” company. Social Media Marketing is yet another tool to promote websites, whereby social networks are used to market a website.

What is a SEO Web Designer Durban?

SEO means search engine optimization. It is a process of a SEO Web Designer Durban building websites with the proper keywords, tags, and having a little loading time as possible to keep visitors on the webpage. A SEO Web Designer Durban helps to produce and maintain high webpage rankings with search engines, suggesting specific blog posts with key words and phrases to grab more readers, press releases, social engagements, link building and how and why to develop articles in a certain manner.

Of course the advantage of having a well qualified SEO Web Designer Durban do the work for businesses building their WebPages is their expertise and knowledge. Many know how to build WebPages, but a SEO Web Designer Durban comes with the needed experience, from the dos and don’ts to the works and what fails. To have the experience already, and be able to start off right, gives a webpage the additional boost it needs to take off.

So if you have a webpage, what have you done to get higher search engine rankings or more hits on your webpage? Have you used a SEO Web Designer Durban?

More on what is a SEO Web Designer Durban?

Just like search engine optimization is a process by way of which websites are made more visible to search engines, a SEO Web Designer Durban is one that performs this task for website owners. A business may decide to conduct SEO for their website themselves, but this does not make them a SEO Web Designer Durban.

SEO is one of the various website promotion techniques with the sole purpose of increasing traffic to the website. There needs to be a certain set of skills in place for a SEO Web Designer Durban to claim the ability of carrying out the task of optimizing websites for search engines.

While your web design company may be really good at developing a web site, you may want to be careful about having them take care of your search engine optimization needs.

Web development is still a relatively young and unique industry. When it comes to web development, people most of the time have a different image of what is, or should be offered by their choice of SEO Web Designer Durban. Unfortunately too, there are many individuals who purchase a copy of a What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, get server space on a hosting company and call themselves a web developer.

Web design is not rocket science; however, there is a lot of knowledge that goes into the development of a properly constructed web site. Obviously for the would-be client, what would be ideal would be to have one company, or individual service their entire internet needs, from web site to Search Engine Optimization, (SEO). It wasn't so long ago that for the most part, that was possible, but with the search engines becoming more complicated and with ever changing algorithms, this is really no longer the case.

Can a SEO Web Designer Durban offer effective SEO? Certainly, but they really need to have a full-time staff with dedicated content writers available to review and hone content directed at a specific industry as well as qualified web experts to review your web site architecture. Why? It's simple; a SEO Web Designer Durban is not just a matter of submitting a web site to search engines and continually changing your Meta tags to reflect what your competition is using.

A reputable SEO Web Designer Durban will focus on a few things that really matter for the health and longevity of your website. Before a reputable SEO Web Designer Durban will start working on submitting your web site anywhere, they will scrutinize the following aspects of your web site:


This includes a review of items such as, title tags on all your links, alt tags on all your images, and making sure you have the correct HTTP content-type header.

Website Content:

Your content is crucial! You can have a nice web site with all the Meta information you want, but if your content isn't relevant, you may be very disappointed with your SEO Web Designer Durban results.

Key words:

Make sure that your SEO Web Designer Durban knows what your business is all about so that they can use the most appropriate keywords and search phrases for your company.

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