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What is SEO Services South Africa Web Design?

When building a website with the goal of having that site perform well in Search Engines, SEO services South Africa web design runs down a checklist of appropriate actions to ensure that the end result is not only a wonderful looking website, but also one that is ready to attack the search engines from day one.

Here SEO services South Africa web design will define the process SEO services South Africa web design takes to ensure that all aspects in the incorporation of Search Engine Optimization are in place when SEO services South Africa web design launches a website. Naturally, SEO services South Africa web design are not going to list everything SEO services South Africa web design does, but from reading this article, you will be able to launch a website with SEO services South Africa web design with.

The biggest issue when developing a new web site, or redesigning an older website for SEO services South Africa web design, is the structure of the SEO services South Africa web design itself. SEO services South Africa web design takes great pains to map out the structure of the site in advance in order to best take advantage of the natural segmentation of the site. Even the biggest sites on the Internet are segmented into smaller sections. This happens naturally when creating a huge web site, but the main difference between natural segmentation and SEO segmentation is the internal linking structure.

Let’s say you have a company and you sell widgets. You probably do not sell only one type of widget. Therefore, you probably will have different sections on the site pertaining to the different types of widgets. Let’s say that you have different levels of quality in your widgets, different colours, and different sizes. Naturally, you would list all of your highest quality widgets together, with their colours, and sizes. So let’s assume that you have 3 levels of widgets. Basically, you would want to make each of them a separate category. Each widget category would have a two subcategories, size, and colour.

Now that SEO services South Africa web design have their categories and subcategories set up, let’s look at the inner linking between the categories. Any one of the categories can link to another category; however, the subcategories should not link to other subcategories. One large high quality blue widget should never link to a lower quality, green widget. Once you get into the subcategories, they should only link to the top level of the other categories. This ensures that the search engine spiders will come to your site, see your segmentation, and crawl the entire site before moving on to the next one. This gives you the best opportunity to associate all categories and subcategories in one segment together; giving you the best opportunity to have each of these pages transfer their Page Rank to each other and eventually show up in the search engines for the related keyword phrases associated with the categories and subcategories.

More on SEO services South Africa web design?

Another key element of proper SEO Web Design is code optimization. SEO services South Africa web design feels that excess code on a site is an unnecessary obstacle to the search engines being able to catch the meat of the page, which is the content. Therefore, SEO services South Africa web design like to eliminate as much code from the page as possible. SEO services South Africa web design do this by making the JavaScript and cascading style sheet (CSS) code external. If these files are kept on the server and included in the page, rather than taking up valuable real estate at the top of the page, then the page should be more appealing to the search engines. SEO services South Africa web design have coined this action as determining the Content to Code Ratio (CCR), being, the amount of content on the page in relation to the amount of code that shows up on the page.

In addition to the on page optimization of code, SEO services South Africa web design also work on the off page code. This comes into play when discussing the use of headers and footers throughout the site. SEO services South Africa web design have seen far too many sites that do not have a header and a footer included in their code and each time, SEO services South Africa web design have to basically restructure their site in order to make this next technique possible. SEO services South Africa web design integrates SEO into our Content Management System (CMS), as well, to allow for initial and ongoing management of Meta data and heading tags. Why is this important?

Well, when you have a website that has 50 pages, 100 pages, or even thousands of pages, how are you going to efficiently manage all of those key areas of optimization for your web presence? It would be impossible without an SEO capable CMS. You don’t want to run the risk of making an error and overwriting your on page code. By integrating our SEO compliant CMS into your website, nearly anyone in your organization can make the changes to the meta and heading tags, and you need not worry about them negatively impacting or even breaking other code on the page. This SEO Content Management System pays off in its risk management benefits alone.

Basic SEO services South Africa web design:

Businesses and their conduction have undergone tremendous changes in the modern world. Having a business no more depicts an office and chairs and computers anymore. It can be a virtual one without any physical presence but it has to definitely have to create a niche for itself in the digital age.

SEO services South Africa web design is the essence for making your company presence felt. SEO services South Africa web design is just not about having a web site, but having a website that is relevant enough to attract search engines to keep you at the top rankings.

Any professional web design company or website designers always strive to provide website design services that are SEO services South Africa web design compliant and user friendly. They use appropriate HTML coding, target keywords, Meta tags, relevant content, use ALT tags, proper link building which also helps in bringing more traffic.

A website designed by a good SEO services South Africa web design company speaks volumes on the quality of the web page and this automatically attracts more clients. Some of the basic fields that you need to comply with while designing a web page are:

  1. Prominent Keywords in page titles and headings
  2. Keywords used in title tags
  3. Use of Meta tags
  4. A natural flow of language in the content written
  5. Smart internal link building
  6. A sitemap submission for search engines to find you
  7. Use of a static URL than a dynamic one
  8. Reduction of graphic effects and replacement with impressive texts which highlights your business

It does not matter whether your business is small or big, but to grow and flourish what it needs is the ecommerce web design and this is buzzword of today’s businesses. With more and more time constraints clients prefer to do buying and selling of anything and everything over the internet sitting at one place. Virtual businesses are taking over the traditional modes.

About SEO services South Africa web design:

SEO Web Design is in SEO services South Africa web design’s opinion the art of balancing search engine optimization and effective design in order to produce truly valuable websites.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO services South Africa web design is basically a set of rules one follows when developing a website.

Who Needs SEO services South Africa web design?

There is a meticulous focus on design, “move that one pixel to the left”, “change that colour from 246-57-102 to 247-56-102″. After the site is all pretty and tweaking is complete the site is posted and the press releases are sent. Meanwhile the page title, description and keyword Meta tags are BLANK.

Anyone who is looking for a website to be optimized for search engines then this is what you need to get your business recognized among the billions of websites on the internet and stand out from the lot of them.

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